Aonyx is a venture capital firm dedicated to identifying AI startups with the potential to disrupt established industries.

Our investment thesis revolves around the belief that artificial intelligence is a transformative force capable of reshaping traditional sectors and unlocking new avenues for growth and innovation. We are driven by the conviction that early-stage AI startups possess the agility, creativity, and disruptive potential necessary to challenge industry norms and redefine market landscapes. At Aonyx, our investment criteria are carefully crafted to identify startups that align with our vision and have the potential for significant impact. We seek companies that demonstrate:

AI Expertise

  • Deep Understanding of AI Technologies

    We prioritize startups with a deep understanding of AI technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. We value teams with a strong technical foundation and a track record of developing innovative AI solutions.

Disruptive Potential

  • Ability to Disrupt Established Industries

    We actively seek startups that have the ability to disrupt established industries. We look for companies that leverage AI to solve complex problems, create new business models, and challenge traditional approaches. Disruption may come in the form of improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, or entirely new market offerings.


  • Scalable AI Solutions

    Scalability is a crucial factor for us. We seek startups with scalable AI solutions that can be applied across various industries or have the potential for rapid market adoption. We evaluate the scalability of technology, business models, and market potential to assess long-term growth prospects.

Market Validation

  • Indications of Market Validation

    While we focus on early-stage startups, we look for indications of market validation. This may include early customer traction, partnerships with industry players, successful pilot programs, or positive feedback from industry experts. We seek startups that have demonstrated the market demand and potential for commercial success.

Strong Team

  • Capabilities and Expertise

    We place great emphasis on the founding team's capabilities and expertise. We look for teams with a diverse skill set, a shared vision, and a drive to succeed. A strong team with a track record of execution enhances the likelihood of successfully navigating challenges and driving growth.

Value Creation

  • Value for Customers, Investors, and Society

    Aonyx is committed to creating value for all stakeholders. We assess startups based on their potential to generate substantial value for customers, investors, and society at large. We evaluate the potential for revenue growth, market expansion, and positive social impact.